Techno Games - 2003

Techno Games - 2003

10 Episodes

The final series of best Robot Olympics show on TV.

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Techno Games - 2003
  • Techno Games 2003 - Day One

    Episode 1

    Day One of the ten-day event starts with the explosive opening ceremony, the penalty kick and heavyweight sprint finals, the start of the assault course, cycling and rocket cars, and a look under the bonnet of a real life fighter-jet powered car. Presented by Philippa Forrester, Liz Bonnin and Si...

  • Techno Games 2003 - Day Two

    Episode 2

    Day Two of this ten day event features the first ever robot Water Polo competition in the Technodrome, the best action from the assault course, solar challenge, rocket cars, cycling semi finals, and a look at the work of robots in space.

  • Techno Games 2003 - Day Three

    Episode 3

    Day Three of this ten-day event features a swimming competition, assault course, solar challenge, long jump and cycling.

  • Techno Games 2003 - Day Four

    Episode 4

    Day Four of this ten-day event features events such as assault course, sumo and solar challenge.

  • Techno Games 2003 - Day Five

    Episode 5

    Day Five of this ten-day event features the start of the robot football, the best of the sumo and shot put, the first of the rope climb competitions, and the finals of the rocket cars and the swimming.

  • Techno Games 2003 - Day Six

    Episode 6

    Week Two of this ten-day event kicks off with the robot football, the lightweight sprint and the gymnastics, the sumo finals and a look at the work of the roboteers in residence.

  • Techno Games 2003 -Day Seven

    Episode 7

    Day Seven sees more swimming heats, the robot mice compete in the Micromouse event, gymnastics and the final of the lightweight sprint. The programme also visits Miami to see how robots are helping scientific research off the Florida coast.

  • Techno Games 2003 - Day Eight

    Episode 8

    Events in the eighth day include the best action from the high jump, rope climbing and swimming, and award winning robot fish Jack Flash visits the giant tank at Hull’s The Deep.

  • Techno Games 2003 - Day Nine

    Episode 9

    The penultimate visit to this ten day event sees the start of the rocket powered car races, the relay, the second round of the rope climb, the first football semi-final and the final of the submersible swimming. A special feature looks at the latest flying robots.

  • Techno Games 2003 - Day Ten

    Episode 10

    The final day of the games sees the ultimate in robot athletes competing for gold in the relay, rope climb and football events. Techno Games also looks at a robot that always hits a hole in one, and announces the winners of the Viewer’s Choice and the NESTA (National endowment for Science, Techno...