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A taster of what we have to offer, including the entire UK Robot Wars Collection, digitally restored in HD. As well as a variety of incredible robotics, science and engineering series and documentaries.

  • Robot Wars, Extreme 1 - Episode 1

    The Extreme series begins with a vengeance battle to settle a bitter rivalry. Two All-stars battles to put the fan favourites up against each other and a final battle with the Challenge belt at stake to up the pressure for the competitors.

  • This is Fighting Robots - Episode 1

    The greatest roboteers from across the globe gather in a state of the art arena. The four celebrity team-leaders must create the most dangerous team of robots, in order to save humanity.

  • Rescue Robots: Forest Fire - Episode 1

    From the producers of Robot Wars, Rescue Robots is a robot inspired, challenge based gameshow. Teams of children pilot their chosen robots and attempt to overcome pre-set obstacles, prevent imminent disasters and save Calamity City.

  • Techno Games 2003 - Day One

    Day One of the ten-day event starts with the explosive opening ceremony, the penalty kick and heavyweight sprint finals, the start of the assault course, cycling and rocket cars, and a look under the bonnet of a real life fighter-jet powered car. Presented by Philippa Forrester, Liz Bonnin and Si...

  • Robot Wars, Series 5 - Heat A

    The first heat of the Fifth Wars raises the bar for action. With newcomers outnumbering the veterans, will an underdog manage to secure a place in the finals?

  • Robot Wars, Series 3 - First World Championship

    Initially released on VHS and broadcast on TV a year later, the World Championship featured sixteen robots from eleven different countries. A straight knockout competition would decide which robot would be known as the World Champion.

  • Bridging the Expanse: Episode 1 - The Wonder of Bridges

    From the first log thrust over a divide, bridges have united us, facilitating our need to explore and our desire to extend our mastery of physics. In this episode we look at bridges built by pre-industrial societies around the globe.

  • King of Bots - Episode 1

    Competitors from across the globe enter the state-of-the-art arena to prove themselves in this action packed series.

  • Robot Wars, Series 2 - Heat A

    Six robots come to the arena to try and best the challenges that await, including Skittles, where they must act as an autonomous bowling ball to knock over as many barrels as they can, whilst trying to avoid the house robots.

  • Robot Wars, Series 1 - Heat A

    The very first episode of the legendary series, Robot Wars. In Heat A, team built, radio-controlled Robots compete in a gladiatorial style contest. Each week robots built by members of the public face each other in the Robot Wars arena. Armed with fearsome weapons and facing the invincible HOUS...

  • Techno Games 2002 - Day One

    Day One of the ten day event features six events – Swimming, Heavy Weight Sprint, Penalty Kick, Rope Climbing, Assault Course and Cycling

  • Techno Games 2001 - Day One

    Day one of the ten day event features the first heats of sprint, shot put, rope-climbing, plus an event new to this year’s Games: the robotic cycling challenge.

  • Techno Games 2000 - Day 1

    In day one of this five day national, Ulrika Jonsson introduces highlights and action from the first heats of the robotic “Sprint” and “Swimming”, wih analysis from resident experts Professor Noel Sharkey and Martin Smith.

  • Robot Wars, Series 6 - Heat A

    Dynamic duo Craig Charles and Philippa Forrester are back for the Sixth Wars. Two-time World champions and Fifth Wars Champions compete in this explosive first episode, will their hopes be dashed at the start?

  • Robot Wars, Series 7 - All-Stars

    Only the most dangerous and most loved robots are invited to this event. Who will the crowd be cheering for, and will it make a difference in the All-Star Championship?

  • Robot Wars, Series 8 - Heat A

    Robot Wars returns. The House Robots have been upgraded and are ready to dismantle any of the 40 competing teams brave enough to enter the hazardous arena.