Robot Wars - Series 6

Robot Wars - Series 6

16 Episodes

The Sixth Wars has commenced. Craig Charles and Philippa Forrester return to the arena to welcome the many hopefuls. Returning veterans and ambitious newcomers will do everything they can to make it through the heats and win the title.

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Robot Wars - Series 6
  • Robot Wars, Series 6 - Heat A

    Episode 1

    Dynamic duo Craig Charles and Philippa Forrester are back for the Sixth Wars. Two-time World champions and Fifth Wars Champions compete in this explosive first episode, will their hopes be dashed at the start?

  • Robot Wars, Series 6 - Heat B

    Episode 2

    The competitors waste no time getting stuck into the fray in the four way melees, with one robot seemingly dominating the competition. The house robots may be a little rusty as a robot launches an attack.

  • Robot Wars, Series 6 - Heat C

    Episode 3

    Former two-time UK champion returns to the arena, and after losing its title in the last series, they have a score to settle. Will another robot foil their plans and take their spot in the finals?

  • Robot Wars, Series 6 - Heat D

    Episode 4

    The four way melee shows how closely matched the robots are in a nail-biting first round. Mr Psycho gets an opportunity to use his colossal hammer against a competitor. The arena suffers more damage from one of the robots devastating weapon.

  • Robot Wars, Series 6 - Heat E

    Episode 5

    Eight more competitors take on the four way melees to try and secure a spot in the final. A robot seemingly eliminates itself from the competition. The judges make difficult decisions in yet another well-matched heat.

  • Robot Wars, Series 6 - Heat F

    Episode 6

    One newcomer braves the arena against seven veterans in this heat. Mr. Psycho continues to smash any robot unfortunate to get close, cementing his position as a feared house robot.

  • Robot Wars, Series 6 - Heat G

    Episode 7

    An even number of newcomers and veterans prepare themselves to do battle. House robots once again team up against the vulnerable robots, only to be saved by the ever generous Refbot.

  • Robot Wars, Series 6 - Heat H

    Episode 8

    The judges make a controversial decision during the four way melee. Some robots are too strong for their own good as their weapons damage their opponents and also themselves. An intense heat final will decide a worthy winner.

  • Robot Wars, Series 6 - Heat I

    Episode 9

    Despite being teamed up on, a competitor manages to outsmart their opponents. Sergeant Bash gets a taste of his own medicine. The house robots play a vital role in deciding the winner of the heat finals.

  • Robot Wars, Series 6 - Heat J

    Episode 10

    Three axe robots meet in round one as they attempt to chop each other out of the competition. In the semi-finals Growler gets their first real taste of metal.

  • Robot Wars, Series 6 - Heat K

    Episode 11

    A competitor feels the heat of the house robots in the first round. One competitor’s weapon easily immobilizes their opponent, leaving it for the house robots to play with. Two similar robots meet in the final.

  • Robot Wars, Series 6 - Heat L

    Episode 12

    Eight more competitors brave the Robot Wars arena. One of the robot’s attacks backfires in the semi-finals, leading to a tight final with an unexpected conclusion.

  • Robot Wars, Series 6 - Semi-Final 1

    Episode 13

    One newcomer makes it to the semi-finals, will they hold their own against the veterans? Two-time World Champions and Fifth Wars Champions Razer battle first as they attempt to gain yet another title.

  • Robot Wars, Series 6 - Semi-Final 2

    Episode 14

    An all veteran, action-packed semi-final. The house robots do not hesitate to get involved as the competitors do anything it takes to eliminate their opponents. The Loser’s Melee gives knocked out competitors a chance for redemption.

  • Robot Wars, Series 6 - Grand Final

    Episode 15

    96 Robots, down to four. The Grand Final is here and the competition is fierce, only the best robot will survive and win the title of Robot Wars: The Sixth Wars champion.

  • Robot Wars, Series 6 - UK Vs Germany

    Episode 16

    Four robots from Germany, four robots from the UK. The competitors will fight their fellow compatriots for a chance to represent their country in a Germany against UK final, to decide which country has the most ferocious machine.