Robot Wars - Series 2

Robot Wars - Series 2

18 Episodes

Robots are put to the test in the Gauntlet, a variety of trials and battling against each other and the dreaded House Robots.

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Robot Wars - Series 2
  • Robot Wars, Series 2 - Heat A

    Episode 1

    Six robots come to the arena to try and best the challenges that await, including Skittles, where they must act as an autonomous bowling ball to knock over as many barrels as they can, whilst trying to avoid the house robots.

  • Robot Wars, Series 2 - Heat B

    Episode 2

    Competitors have a chance to go head-to-head with a house robot in a test of strength and strategy in this week’s trial, tug of war. Winners progress to the next round, losers take a face first dive into the pit.

  • Robot Wars, Series 2 - Heat C

    Episode 3

    This week’s trial takes the competitors back in time to medieval England, where they will joust against an unyielding house robot in hopes of winning a chance at the crown. The house robots team up to take down an unlucky competitor in the arena.

  • Robot Wars, Series 2 - Heat D

    Episode 4

    Football returns to the arena in this week’s trial, complete with ferocious tackles, flamethrowers and own goals. In the semi-final, three of the house robots turn the arena into a barbeque.

  • Robot Wars, Series 2 - Heat E

    Episode 5

    Competitors need to hold their own in King of the Castle, where they must defend a circle in the arena against the unforgiving house robots. How many will survive to make it to the semi-finals? A winner is decided by the pit in this week’s final.

  • Robot Wars, Series 2 - Heat F

    Episode 6

    House robot, Shunt goes head-to-head with the competitors. It’s his job to remove the competitors from the ring by any means necessary in this week’s trial, Sumo. Will Shunt do the house robots proud, or will the competitors give him the slip?

  • Robot Wars, Series 2 - Heat G

    Episode 7

    The gauntlet has a menacing addition, The Sentinel. Will the new robot prove to be a real obstacle, or an easy route to be exploited? The Skittles trial returns to the arena, but one competitor wants to take down more than just barrels.

  • Robot Wars, Series 2 - Heat H

    Episode 8

    Football returns this week in the trial. New competitors enter the arena with high hopes of securing a place in the finals. The house robots show no mercy in the Gauntlet.

  • Robot Wars, Series 2 - Heat I

    Episode 9

    Matilda’s tusks get put to good use against the competitors as jousting returns to the arena. Two competitors form a rivalry after a memorable battle in the semi-finals.

  • Robot Wars, Series 2 - Heat J

    Episode 10

    Matilda takes centre stage again, as she attempts to pull as many competitors into the pit as possible in another tug of war. How will the competitors fair against the hazards of the arena and the merciless house robots?

  • Robot Wars, Series 2 - Heat K

    Episode 11

    Competitors are once again tasked with defending their land in King of the Castle, will they defend their reign or be overthrown by the house robots? An even match in the semi-finals causes the house robots to forcefully decide a winner.

  • Robot Wars, Series 2 - Heat L

    Episode 12

    Dead Metal takes to the ring to stop any competitors from progressing to the stage of the competition.

  • Robot Wars, Series 2 - Semi Final 1

    Episode 13

    First of the two Semi-Finals to determine which two of the six heat winners will progress to The Second Wars Grand Finals. The house robots are showing no mercy in the gauntlet and the competitors test their accuracy in this week’s trial, Pinball.

  • Robot Wars, Series 2 - Semi Final 2

    Episode 14

    The last Semi-Final, competitors will once again battle the house robots in Pinball, evade them in the gauntlet and use them to destroy other competitors in the arena.

  • Robot Wars, Series 2 - Grand Final

    Episode 15

    The Grand Final arrives, only the best robots have made it this far. The four remaining robots face two eliminators and a playoff. The two winners then face each other to determine who will be named champion of Robot Wars: The Second wars.

  • Robot Wars, Series 2 - Grudge Matches

    Episode 16

    The Grudge Matches gave competitors an opportunity to come back and settle some scores. A one-off episode featuring a variety of battles; Judgement Day, Reserve Rumble, Inferno Insurrection, Ramrombit, Super Showdown and Internet Insurrection.

  • Robot Wars, Series 2 - Best Of

    Episode 17

    Take a look back at the phenomenal second series, relive the highs and lows of the house robots and competitors of The Second Wars.

  • Robot Wars, Series 2 - Making Of

    Episode 18

    An insightful view into how Robot Wars Series 1 was created.