Beyond Our Earth

Beyond Our Earth

6 Episodes

Over six episodes, you will travel to the furthest depths of space as they see how the early pioneers launched themselves into the void, and how modern-day scientists are understanding the universe in whole new ways.

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Beyond Our Earth
  • Beyond Our Earth, Episode 1 - In Our Orbit

    Episode 1

    Beyond Our Earth tells the incredible story of humanity's struggle to conquer space within Earth’s orbit. From Cold War competition to international collaboration, explore the scientific and engineering achievements of the space age.

  • Beyond Our Earth, Episode 2 - Conquering the Moon

    Episode 2

    The ultimate prize in the race between the United States and the Soviet Union, Neil Armstrong's step onto the lunar surface crossed the finish line. Conquering the Moon details the subsequent missions returning to our satellite.

  • Beyond Our Earth, Episode 3 - The Inner System

    Episode 3

    The Inner System is a voyage of discovery to Mercury, Venus and Mars, with each mission revealing clues to our Solar System’s formation, whilst offering insights that may pave the road for humanity’s first off-world colonies.

  • Beyond Our Earth, Episode 4 - Beyond the Belts

    Episode 4

    A grand tour of the gas giants: Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune, and the strange moons in their orbit— some harbouring the potential for life. Investigate the possibility of a mysterious Planet Nine.

  • Beyond Our Earth, Episode 5 - Searching the Heavens

    Episode 5

    With each development of telescopic technology, scientific pioneers have made observations that challenge our understanding of the universe and our place within it.

  • Beyond Our Earth, Episode 6 - Our Expanding Universe

    Episode 6

    The final episode of Beyond Our Earth delves into the mysterious extremes of our universe, tracing the ongoing journey of scientists to discover the mechanics of the cosmos while adjusting their theories with each new discovery.