Techno Games - 2000

Techno Games - 2000

5 Episodes

Behold a one-of-a-kind competition, Techno Games! A Robotic Olympics that will have the best athletes from across the world shaking in their boots.

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Techno Games - 2000
  • Techno Games 2000 - Day 1

    Episode 1

    In day one of this five day national, Ulrika Jonsson introduces highlights and action from the first heats of the robotic “Sprint” and “Swimming”, wih analysis from resident experts Professor Noel Sharkey and Martin Smith.

  • Techno Games 2000 - Day 2

    Episode 2

    In day two of this five day national event, the second Gold Medallist of the games is decided in the final of the mechanised “Shot Put” and we visit the “Techno Games Garden” for another exhibition event hoping for inclusion in the next games.

  • Techno Games 2000 - Day 3

    Episode 3

    Day three of this five day national event, follow the progress of some artificially intelligent rodents in the “Micromouse” event and see how our two universities are faring with their challenge to build a robotic arm before the end of the week!

  • Techno Games 2000 - Day 4

    Episode 4

    In day four of this five day national event, we don our sunglasses for the “Solar Powered Marathon”, visit the Techno Games “launch pad” for some high altitude “Rockertry”, get artistic with some robotic “Gymnastics”

  • Techno Games 2000 - Day 5

    Episode 5

    Today, we enjoy the finals of the “Sprint” and “Swimming” events and we find out if the universities have completed their challenge. We also visit Millwall’s football ground for a “Robotic soccer” competition between England and Germany.