Robot Wars - Series 9

Robot Wars - Series 9

6 Episodes

The Revamped House Robots are back to wreak havoc on an ever-improving set of competitors. Newcomers and beloved Veterans return to claim the Championship.

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Robot Wars - Series 9
  • Robot Wars, Series 9 - Heat A

    Episode 1

    The first heat of the second Revival Series begins. Robots return from previous series to take on the daring newcomers and each other. Competitors get bullied and thrown around the ring as they desperately try to scrape a place in the finals.

  • Robot Wars, Series 9 - Heat B

    Episode 2

    A tentative start to the second heat ends in carnage as the house robots and competitors go all out to qualify. Shunt delivers the final blow for one contestant.

  • Robot Wars, Series 9 - Heat C

    Episode 3

    The third heat shows devastating weapons put into action, being on the receiving end of these could mean elimination for an unlucky competitor. The house robots take on cleaning duties as they remove immobilised robots from the arena floor.

  • Robot Wars, Series 9 - Heat D

    Episode 4

    One competitor draws first blood only seconds into the first round. After suffering severe damage at the hands of another competitor, one robots chance at the finals may be lost.

  • Robot Wars, Series 9 - Heat E

    Episode 5

    The last chance for combatants to fight for a place in the Grand Final. With the newcomers outnumbering the veterans, will the first timers make up for their lack of experience?

  • Robot Wars, Series 9 - Grand Final

    Episode 6

    This episode, a new Robot Wars champion will emerge! Sparks and scraps are sure to fly in this explosive series finale. Winners will have to make it through the four-way melees and head-to-head battles to be able to prove themselves in the final.