Robot Wars - Series 7

Robot Wars - Series 7

22 Episodes

Craig Charles and Jayne Middlemiss introduce Robot Wars: The Seventh Wars. New and veterans Robots from all around the UK compete for more than just the £20,000 grand prize, but the right to call themselves, the Robot Wars: The Seventh Wars champions.

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Robot Wars - Series 7
  • Robot Wars, Series 7 - Heat A

    Episode 1

    The first of sixteen Heats in the seventh series. The four-way melees kick off the competition with true carnage. Sir Killalot may have changed the tide of battle during the finals.

  • Robot Wars, Series 7 - Heat B

    Episode 2

    The second round of heats sees eight new robots join the fight for The Seventh Wars title. Growler is de-muzzled as he rampages through the arena in the four-way melees, no-one is safe.

  • Robot Wars, Series 7 - Heat C

    Episode 3

    After the four-way melees, the house robots do not hesitate to get involved with the remaining competitors. A counter-attack leads to one of the shortest finals robot wars has ever seen.

  • Robot Wars, Series 7 - Heat D

    Episode 4

    An equal number of newcomers and veterans take to the battlefield in this episode, experience versus vigor in today’s heats. The innocent Refbot gets attacked after cease is called.

  • Robot Wars, Series 7 - Heat E

    Episode 5

    The Sixth Wars champions return to the arena to battle for the Seventh Wars title. Do they still have what it takes to win, or will the competition be too fierce this time round?

  • Robot Wars, Series 7 - Heat F

    Episode 6

    A newcomer from Germany joins the UK competitors in this week’s heats. Will they put show the UK how it’s done, or will the other robots have a home advantage?

  • Robot Wars, Series 7 - Heat G

    Episode 7

    Another German joins the roster this week. One robot becomes an eviction technician, removing their opponents from the arena. Refbot joins the fray as he helps pit an immobilised robot.

  • Robot Wars, Series 7 - Heat H

    Episode 8

    A robot representing the Netherlands fights with the Brits in this heat. After attempting to attack one of the house robots, Growler makes an example of one of the competitors. Matilda uses her flywheel in spectacular fashion.

  • Robot Wars, Series 7 - Heat I

    Episode 9

    One hapless robot gets expertly dismantled by another competitor, leaving Refbot to count them out. Maybe the house robots should take notes. A Hail Mary charge leaves yet another robot out of the arena.

  • Robot Wars, Series 7 - Heat J

    Episode 10

    The Seventh Wars continues, eight more robots with high hopes of becoming champion enter the arena. One robot has to see a man about a dog, as Mr. Psycho and Growler team up on a competitor.

  • Robot Wars, Series 7 - Heat K

    Episode 11

    Only one team can win the £20,000 cash prize, and they could be competing in this week’s heat. A close first round leaves it up to the judges to decide who will progress through the heat.

  • Robot Wars, Series 7 - Heat L

    Episode 12

    A newcomer has an aggressive start to their first battle, with no competitor or house robot left unchallenged. Will they make it all the way to final or be punished for their hubris?

  • Robot Wars, Series 7 - Heat M

    Episode 13

    A featherweight battle between this week’s rounds. Robots that weigh no more than 12kg battle to join the other qualifiers. The main competition proceeds as evenly matched robots do anything they can to get the upper hand.

  • Robot Wars, Series 7 - Heat N

    Episode 14

    Canada and Switzerland both battle in the World Championship Qualifier special event. The heats near their end and spots for the final are filling up rapidly and to a high standard.

  • Robot Wars, Series 7 - Heat O

    Episode 15

    It’s all-out war as Refbot is immobilised and Sir Killalot may have finally met his match. One round ends exceptionally quickly. Another World Championship Qualifier between three Dutch robots is this week’s special event.

  • Robot Wars, Series 7 - Heat P

    Episode 16

    The last of the heats, the final eight robots that have a chance of making it to the Grand Final, will they seize the opportunity or choke under the pressure? A featherweight champion will be revealed in this week’s special event.

  • Robot Wars, Series 7 - Semi Final 1

    Episode 17

    Eight of the heat winners gather for the first Semi-Finals. With two rounds to prove themselves, only two robots will make it to the Grand Finals. Competitors show no mercy as they use any means necessary to eliminate their opponents.

  • Robot Wars, Series 7 - Semi FInal 2

    Episode 18

    One competitor’s weapon proves fatal for their opposition, crushing their hopes of a title with a single blow, whilst other unlucky robots are removed from not only the arena, but also the competition.

  • Robot Wars, Series 7 - Grand Final

    Episode 19

    The Grand Final is here as the series draws to an explosive end. With every battle being so well matched, the judges have their work cut out for them as they decide which robot, will become Robot Wars: The Seventh Wars champions.

  • Robot Wars, Series 7 - Annihilator

    Episode 20

    Six robots enter arena and will not stop battling until only one remains in this annihilator main event. The House Robot Rebellion pitted two competitors against Mr. Psycho, Growler and Cassius Chrome.

  • Robot Wars, Series 7 - All-Stars

    Episode 21

    Only the most dangerous and most loved robots are invited to this event. Who will the crowd be cheering for, and will it make a difference in the All-Star Championship?

  • Robot Wars, Series 7 - Third World Championship

    Episode 22

    Twelve Robots from across the globe once again gather in the arena for the Third World Championship. Eliminator style rounds will decide which robots progress through to the finals, where a winner will be crowned.