Robot Wars - Series 4

Robot Wars - Series 4

24 Episodes

Robot Wars returns with The Fourth Wars. Craig Charles is joined by pit reporter Julia Reed as veterans of the sport and new comers alike come to the arena to put their beloved creations to the test, with the hopes of winning a place in the finals.

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Robot Wars - Series 4
  • Robot Wars, Series 4 - Heat A

    Episode 1

    The wars begin yet again, competitors can only qualify by destroying or outsmarting their opponents, and doing their best to stay out of the house robots way. Sumo and Pinball Warrior will test the robots grit and accuracy.

  • Robot Wars, Series 4 - Heat B

    Episode 2

    Six competitors, including World Champion Razer battle it out for a shot at the Fourth Wars title. Irreparable damage could mean the permanent end of one of the veteran competitors in the semi-finals.

  • Robot Wars, Series 4 - Heat C

    Episode 3

    A competitor faces issues before the battle even begins in this week’s eliminators and the house robots stand by, ready to strike the final blow. The clock proves to be the enemy in this week’s Pinball Warrior, and the competitors prepare to stand their ground in Sumo Bash.

  • Robot Wars, Series 4 - Heat D

    Episode 4

    Veterans and Newcomers once again face the eliminators and Dead Metal tries to make a friend. A house robot gets flipped, causing the others to go on a rampage. A uniquely designed robot takes on Pinball Warrior and two more competitors stare down Shunt in Sumo Bash.

  • Robot Wars, Series 4 - Heat E

    Episode 5

    A single strike spells trouble for a robot in the eliminators. A fleeting alliance forms as competitor and house robot team up to make an offering to the pit. This week’s Pinball Warrior has high-hopes for a standout performance.

  • Robot Wars, Series 4 - Heat F

    Episode 6

    A robot with a unique strategy takes part in this week’s heat. Is it a recipe for success, or a fancy gimmick? The house robot’s manners are at an all-time low as they continue to attack after cease is called.

  • Robot Wars, Series 4 - Heat G

    Episode 7

    The robots take the term “facing off” literally this week as they rip each other apart. Will Shunt manage to shake off the competitors in this week’s Sumo Bash.

  • Robot Wars, Series 4 - Heat H

    Episode 8

    The heat descends into chaos as the house robots team up to take down the competitors. The judges make a controversial decision in the final to decide this week’s winner.

  • Robot Wars, Series 4 - Heat I

    Episode 9

    Over halfway through the heats and the hopefuls are still lining up to put their robots through mechanical hell, for a chance of making it to the semi-finals.

  • Robot Wars, Series 4 - Heat J

    Episode 10

    An apparent malfunction gives a veteran competitor an opportunity to redeem themselves in the eliminators. The World Champion returns to take on the Pinball Warrior.

  • Robot Wars, Series 4 - Heat K

    Episode 11

    Sparks fly in this week’s heat as competitors put their weapons to good use and a robot uses its shape to their advantage.

  • Robot Wars, Series 4 - Heat L

    Episode 12

    The eliminator begins slowly, but as the battle heats up the robots must stay cool, or they might end up losing their head. The house robots see one of their busiest nights in the arena as they try to keep up.

  • Robot Wars, Series 4 - Celebrity Robot Wars

    Episode 13

    Celebrities take to the arena, teaming up with veterans from the series and their robots. The celebrities must control the robots for at least 60 seconds before the professionals can take over.

  • Robot Wars, Series 4 - Tag Team Terror

    Episode 14

    Four teams take part in the tag team terror tournament. Two teams comprised of two robots enter the arena at once. Only one robot is allowed to battle, only being able to switch with their team-mate by entering their team’s coloured zone.

  • Robot Wars, Series 4 - Northern Annihilator

    Episode 15

    Northerners compete in an annihilator. In the first round, all six robots would fight each other until one of them was eliminated. The process continued until only two robots remained, with the subsequent winner becoming the annihilator champion.

  • Robot Wars, Series 4 - Southern Annihilator

    Episode 16

    The South’s turn for the annihilator. Same rules, different robots.

  • Robot Wars, Series 4 - War Of Independence

    Episode 17

    The UK and USA battle it out to prove which country has the better robots. Each country has four robots representing and fighting for them. A straight knockout competition will determine a victor.

  • Robot Wars, Series 4 - Heat M

    Episode 18

    The heats resume this week, and one competitor has its own entrance ceremony. Gemini returns to the arena to prove themselves in Pinball Warrior.

  • Robot Wars, Series 4 - Heat N

    Episode 19

    Renowned robot Firestorm 2 takes on Pinball Warrior this week and the heats are nearing their end. The house robots show no mercy against a flipped robot.

  • Robot Wars, Series 4 - Heat O

    Episode 20

    Not even the arena floor is safe in this week’s eliminators, as the competitors go all out to best the opposition. One robot manages to take control in the heat finals.

  • Robot Wars, Series 4 - Heat P

    Episode 21

    An impressive weapon manages to fight off two robots simultaneously, ripping through armor and insides. As one of the finalists is still reeling from the previous rounds, will they manage to come back and take the finals?

  • Robot Wars, Series 4 - Semi Final 1

    Episode 22

    Heat winners gather for the beginning of The Fourth Wars semi-finals. Pinball Warrior and Sumo Bash make way for the brutal knockout competition.

  • Robot Wars, Series 4 - Semi FInal 2

    Episode 23

    The last stage before the Grand Finals, and the pressure is on. With this level of carnage not all robots may leave the arena as they fight for the title, and their lives.

  • Robot Wars, Series 4 - Grand Final

    Episode 24

    The Fourth Wars is coming to an end, beginning with two rounds of playoffs, where four will be whittled down to two. Of the remaining two, one will become Robot Wars: The Fourth Wars champions.