Robot Wars - Series 3

Robot Wars - Series 3

21 Episodes

The Third Wars is about to begin. Craig, Philippa and Jonathan are back to narrate the destruction of more home-built Robots.

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Robot Wars - Series 3
  • Robot Wars, Series 3 - Heat A

    Let the battle for the Third Wars crown commence. With the trials being replaced with all out combat, this series is set to be the most brutal yet.

  • Robot Wars, Series 3 - Heat B

    Teams from across the UK enter the arena in hopes of besting the house robots and making it to the Grand Final. The knockouts keep on coming as eight more competitors think they have what it takes to survive the Robot Wars.

  • Robot Wars, Series 3 - Heat C

    Eight fresh competitors ready to prove their mettle in the arena. Featuring a special event, Middleweight Melee, a single exhibition battle between five robots weighing under 45.4kg.

  • Robot Wars, Series 3 - Heat D

    As the knockouts continue to streamline the competition, this week’s special has separate competitors trying to knock-down objects and hit targets to score the most points in Pinball Warriors.

  • Robot Wars, Series 3 - Heat E

    Competitors need to hold their own in this week’s trial, King of the Castle, where they must defend a circle in centre of the arena against the unforgiving house robots. How many will survive to make it to the semi-finals?

  • Robot Wars, Series 3 - Heat F

    House robot, Shunt goes head-to-head with the competitors. It’s his job to remove the competitors from the ring by any means necessary in this week’s trial, Sumo. Will Shunt do the house robots proud, or will the competitors give him the slip?

  • Robot Wars, Series 3 - Heat G

    Even more barrels are stacked up, only to be knocked down by a competitor in another Pinball Warrior. After a one-sided fight, a unanimous decision from the judges decides the victor of this week’s heat finals.

  • Robot Wars, Series 3 - Heat H

    This week’s special event has legs. The Walker Battle special featured robots that do not use wheels or tracks as locomotion battling it out, do they stand a chance against the house robots?

  • Robot Wars, Series 3 - Heat I

    Half-way through the heats and Pinball Warrior returns to Robot Wars as another robot comes to test their aim and score against the house robots. The arena claims another robot as the knockout competitions march on.

  • Robot Wars, Series 3 - Heat J

    The last robot football of The Third Wars in this week’s special. A spot in the final isn’t the only thing the heat final can offer one of the competitors this week.

  • Robot Wars, Series 3 - Heat K

    The sixth Pinball warrior run introduces another competitor to test their skills against the targets, and the house robots. In the knockouts, the house robots are being exploited as the competitors over-crowd the CPZ zones.

  • Robot Wars, Series 3 - Heat L

    We see more teams from around the UK bringing in their unique, sometimes amusing, sometimes terrifying robots to battle against each other. Sergeant Bash’s flamethrower is put to good use in the knockouts.

  • Robot Wars, Series 3 - Heat M

    Walker Battle returns as the contestants for this week’s special prepare to put their best foot forward against the other legged robots. A competitor makes the house robots sweat in the knockouts.

  • Robot Wars, Series 3 - Heat N

    Pinball Warrior is back for the eighth time this series and the heats are nearing their end. One of the competitors uses its speed to great effect.

  • Robot Wars, Series 3 - Heat O

    The penultimate Pinball Warrior run is this week. The house robots risk their own metal to attack the competitors.

  • Robot Wars, Series 3 - Heat P

    The last heats of The Third Wars, as the finals approach, desperation grows among the competitors to secure a place in the finals. As well as the final heat, this episode features the final Pinball Warrior run of the third series.

  • Robot Wars, Series 3 - Semi Final 1

    Karma comes for one of the competitors as the Semi-Finals commence in spectacular fashion. There are no specials this week as the knockout battles take priority in deciding who will win the crown.

  • Robot Wars, Series 3 - Semi Final 2

    More heat winners are pitted against each other in knockout competition. The robots attempt to ram, flip and burn their way to the finals, all while trying to avoid the house robots.

  • Robot Wars, Series 3 - Grand Final

    This is what it’s been building up to, The Grand Final is here. Which of the successful semi-finalists will be crowned champion of Robot Wars: The Third Wars?

  • Robot Wars, Series 3 - First World Championship

    Initially released on VHS and broadcast on TV a year later, the World Championship featured sixteen robots from eleven different countries. A straight knockout competition would decide which robot would be known as the World Champion.

  • Robot Wars, Series 3 - The International League

    Episode 21

    The International League Championship was one of two international Robot Wars competitions held during the filming of Robot Wars: The Third Wars. The other competition was The First World Championship, which was released exclusively on video and later on DVD. The International League Championship...