Robot Rebellion

Robot Rebellion

15 Episodes

Featuring teams from Robot Wars, Battlebots, King of Bots, NHRL, Bugglebots, and many other robot combat competitions from around the world, Robot Rebellion is focussed on bringing the sport of robot combat to a new audience through education and conventions - featuring its "Beetle Belt" competition with competitors from all around the world, alongside small scale demonstrations and educational events.

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Robot Rebellion
  • Robot Rebellion 2023 - Heat A

    Episode 1

    Welcome to Robot Rebellion 2023, and the start of a brand new series. For the past 3 years, Robot Rebellion have had a prime placement at the Rapture Gaming Festival held at Chatham Historic Dockyard, Kent. Now for the first time, all the action has been edited into a brand new Robot Fighting ser...

  • Robot Rebellion 2023 - Heat B

    In Heat B, the number 11 seeds 7th Circle are put up against it as they face down a former Beetleweight champion, an NHRL Top 8 competitor and a fearless newcomer all in the pursuit of victory!

  • Robot Rebellion 2023 - Heat C

    Episode 3

    In Heat C, the number 12 seeds Boom Zoom look to control the competition, but how well will they fare as they take on the king of the ground game Dolos, The new and improved swiss army bot Data Breach and a Digestive Biscuit? ANDERSON HAVE YOU TAMPERED WITH THE SCRIPT AGAIN?!

  • Robot Rebellion 2023 - Heat D

    Episode 4

    In Heat D, our reigning champion Stratus re-enters the arena, ready to cause big wheel brutality, but there’s a few more big wheels hoping to stop them as the big foamies of Bloodshot and large vert of Vertex enter the fray. Or perhaps the terrible two The Inspectors can certify Stratus as unsafe...

  • Robot Rebellion 2023 - Heat E

    Episode 5

    In Heat E, a new robot for a seeded team appears in Fang, the bat shaped spinner, but three other competitors wish to send them flying! Can live scene sensation Ice Breaker melt their dreams, will veteran Mini Spinny MkIII send them in a spin or can the multi-weaponed Kos-mos V.2 find the right t...

  • Robot Rebellion 2023 - Heat F

    Episode 6

    In Heat F, the brilliant brain of Alex Shakespeare brings his newest creation to the arena in Wheely Big Lad, where he's joined by three other brand new bots in Bop!, Toucan and Yomi! Which brand new build will bash the others to become the heat winner?

  • Robot Rebellion 2023 - Heat G

    Episode 7

    In Heat G, the ever threatening Bby Shrekt will be trying to cast the other competitors out of it's swamp, but can MOTHernator MkII, Aggro Wobba: Smidders Edition or Schnake break down their defences and slay the ogre? Somebody once told me that spinner's gonna roll me...

  • Robot Rebellion 2023 - Heat H

    Episode 8

    In Heat H, the pride of Ireland Babrog returns to better their 9th Seeding, but in a tough heat containing beetleweight champions Oubley and Baby Dead Bod as well as reasonably strong newcomers Chucky, can they hold on? Run, run, a Babrog has come! Kick him in the backside! YOU SHALL NOT MESS WIT...

  • Robot Rebellion 2023 - Heat I

    Episode 9

    In Heat I, UK Beetleweight Legend Sir Lance-A-Frog look to defend their #6 seeding in the competition, but can the widest robot in the competition Cormoran, fellow green-wedged bot Axeasaurus Rex or the ring spinner Spins N Needles take them down? Join us as we find out! Get your FROG chants ready!

  • Robot Rebellion 2023 - Heat J

    Episode 10

    In Heat J, last year's runner up End Boss look to bury the past and march towards the title, but can front hinge flipper Ares, suplexer Deja Two or solid wedgebot Han the Hammer upset their path to the top? Join us as we find out...

  • Robot Rebellion 2023 - Heat K

    Episode 11

    In Heat K, the number 4 seeds Schism look to emulate their brother in hammersaw Sawblaze's incredible BattleBots run on the UK Beetleweight scene, but they're not alone as Attitude Adjuster look to do the same! Meanwhile Rudimental is powerlifting looking to bulk up and Paradigm Spin has just ent...

  • Robot Rebellion 2023 - Heat L

    Episode 12

    In Heat L, the number 5 seeds and former champions Night Fury return to the arena, ready to cleave the competition in twain. But, might Saturday be treat day as BonBonBonBon looks diet ready, Arcticfurno prepares to unleash fox-based hell and Cryptomnesia looks to tank the spinner with the power ...

  • Robot Rebellion 2023 - Round of 16 [Part 1]

    Episode 13

    In the first of our Round of 16 episodes, we see battles on the left side of the bracket, kicking things off with two play ins of our second place finishers. We also rejoin the hopeful championship run for Boom Zoom, Wheely Big Lad, Bloodshot, Gizmo, Gold Dust and Ice Breaker. Only 4 spots can be...

  • Robot Rebellion 2023 - Round of 16 [Part 2]

    Episode 14

    In the second of our Round of 16 episodes, we see battles on the right side of the bracket, kicking things off with two play ins of our second place finishers. After that, it's a straight knockout to the round of 8 for 4 of tonight's combatants. Will it be Night Fury getting the second championsh...

  • Robot Rebellion 2023 - The Grand Final

    Episode 15

    In tonight's Grand Final, we see our top 8 bots from the competition do battle for the Beetle Belt. Our Quarter Finalists End Boss, Gizmo, Attitude Adjuster, Ice Breaker, Dolos, Baby Dead Bod, Schism and Wheely Big Lad have only a few fights between them and glory. Who's got the metal (or plastic...